Shingo Sato


I’m going to talk about Shingo Sato, a Japanese designer and pattern maker.

Last December, I attended one of his courses in Madrid.

I enjoyed and learned a lot, so I put into practice his technique in my projects this year.
Shingo Sato has studied fashion design in Japan but he finished his studies in Paris. There, in Paris, he was the assistant of the designer Azzedine Alaia during four years

When Azzedine Alaia noticed Singo, he looked at his work at university and he liked it so much. Alaia was an inspiration for Singo.
Shingo Sato learnt with Alaia how to break the rules, and not to make conventional patterns, he started to create new silhouettes.

After the four years, Shingo Sato travelled to Italy to work with the designer Nicola Trussadi during two years.

He realized that he didn ́t like to work as a designer, and that what he really liked was the pattern making.
From his childhood, he learnt origami at school, so he wanted to create folds and volumes.

He wanted to explore a new form of creating clothes, not the traditional. It is named “reconstrucción transformacional” in Spanish, or easier, “RT”.
In this method, he suppresses seamlines and tweezers and he changed them into asymmetrical, geometric and circular cuts.

Shingo Sato put it into practice for the first time in a fashion school in Japan.

The method was quite difficult for the students so he made it easier.

In one or two days of practice, the students were doing the same as Shingo. He wanted the students to lose the fear of experiencing.

After teaching in Japan, he taught in The Sant Martins School, one of his dreams. Als in Parson The New School for Design, Bunka Fashion College, Paris College of Art.

His method helps a lot of designers, for example, Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, Inditex, DelPozo, Purificación García, Ulises Merida, Versace…
Shingo Sato’s brand is personalized and isn ́t industrial. He worked on request and only for women.

Finally, he actually works in Milan and he travelled around the world teaching at universities and schools.


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