First post

 I`m going to talk about new technologies which are in fashion nowdays.

I´m going to explain two technologies in particular that I use and apply  in garments:

Laser cut and 3D printer.

The one that I know the best is the laser cut because while I was a assistant in the college , in these last 6 months, I have learned a lot about how it works.

The laser cut has two functions: Cutting  or engraving.

You can apply the two functions in almost all possible materials, for example:

Wood, DM, metal, papelboard, paper, all fabrics, leather, methacrylate… Except PVC because it’s toxic.

With the laser cut you can create many things like create holes in fabrics, jewerly, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cut glasses and create holes in shoes,  cut patterns on paper or fabric, engrave drawings in garments or indications for embroidery “capitoné” (like Anabel or Ines did in their projects), cut flowers to sew them (like Sasha), cut squares to make origami (like me), engrave your brand on any surface for labels, for example in DM or methacrylate…



So, the laser cut has a wide variety of uses in fashion.

Thanks to be a assistant, I ‘ve been able to learn how to use it and to get the perfection. We all should have a laser cut in our lives!

And finally, the next technology, not only applied to fashion but to all the fields:

The 3D printer.

My partner has a 3D printer and he teaches me how to use it.

He creates me a lot of  things with it.

3D printer can make any objet you can imagine.

The printer uses filament and there are a lot of materials and colors.

For example, rigid filament like “PLA” (biodegradable) or “ABS”, “woodfill”, “Firaflex” flexible filament, transparent filament, conductive filament like “grafeno”…




The designers Danit Peleg and Iris Van Herpen use 3D printing in  their collections.


All garments are made with 3D printer. Danit Peleg uses flexible filament.

In fashion, you can also create accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, a piece of clothing, shoes, bags, glasses, ornaments…What would you want.

My partner made a lot of things, for example, earrings, geometric tights, hoops bow ties, pet plates (the glasses are not made by him), brand logos in firaflex and woodfill, lamps, movile case, a prototype of foot, a hanger, figures like Dark Vader or a lizard, pencil-case, flower pot, prototypes…





And new ideas that we already have are coming …







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