Continuing with the previous post, in this one I´m going to talk about how I evolved in embroidery and how I learned new stitches and tips.

Thanks to the social networks, I discovered a girl named Loly Ghirardi, who is an artist, graphic  designer  and embroiderer.

After a colaboration in a book, she decided to create a blog and a Facebook web, then a lot of projects started to arrive to her.

She has illustrated books like “El diario de una volátil” or “Wonderland” and she has embriodered their fronts.

She left the graphic design and computer world and ran to the embriodery and  handmade world.

She embrioders her own sneakers, interprets Instagram pictures and besides she teaches online courses.

This is how I learned to embroider, thanks to her and one of her courses.




My partner gave it to me as a present and, right away, I watched all her videos.

I´m going to show you some of  the types of stitches that I learned, and the use that Lylo gives them in her course. Finally, the result that I will  apply in my fashion projects.

The basic stitches that I already knew,  she also taught them, and she helped me to improve them.

The “Cross Stitch“, you can make them lined or orderless.


The “Petal Stitch” with what you can elaborate leaves, water drops, candles, trees…


The “Rosetón Stitch“, with what you can create flowers, for example.



The “Escapulario Stitch” with what she made a pineapple.


And without doubt, the two most important for me and the ones I´m going to apply to my projects;

The  “Picot Stitch” with what you can  make set off leaves.



And the “Knot Stitch“, both are very useful for me to represent the moss and nature in my projects.





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