As I  told you in the previous post, now I´m going to tell you how I started in the embroidery world, what stitches I started learning and what materials you need to know.

Embroider is a technique  that I´ve always loved, but I´ve never been taught.

It fascinates me to watch works made with imposible stitches and so many  work hours. It´s a very slow process, but the result is priceless.

Last year, I decided to intend to embroider, anything, but at least try it.

I started to make abstract  drawings, without shape and with a lot of colours. The result looked like a shapeless map.



The only stitch that I made was the basic, “the plane stitch”, that consists in filling with thread a surface by means of  very tight stitches.

You can make letters, figures, funds…

Another very basic stitch is “baste“, it consists on making horizontal, vertical lines…by means of very small stitches.


You can embroider on any fabric that you want; plane, printed, thin, thick…but the most used are cotton and canvas.

You only need an embroidery frame to embroider. They can be of different sizes and models, I use the round one.  It´s very basic. You only have to put the fabric  inside the two circles and tighten it.

Also it´s needed a embroidery needle, with round or pointed tip. And finally, threads.

The threads can be of different thicknesses, even you can embroider with wool, and there are endless colours to chose, I´ve got hundreds.

The three most known types are: “perlé cotton” that is a thin thread, “mouliné” medium size, and “retors” the thickest thread.

One of the well known brands is DMC, but also there are another ones such as Anchor or Madeira.

The three have very good quality, but DMC is the most expensive and stands out for the wide assortment.

In the next post, I´ll explain you how I´ve learned new techniques and evolved in the embroidery world.

I hope you like it.





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