Today I´m going to talk about my second semester  of First Year in ESDEMGA

The last year we didn´t make pieces of clothing.

We had to create abstract volumes. We investigated about fabric.

The fabric had to be white colour or beige. The protagonist was the own volume, it wasn´t the fabric, so we didn´t use a fabric with print.

Some of the fabrics selected by my class partners were cotton, “tarlatana” or flax, among other.

In my case, I chose beige cotton canvas and “tarlatana”.

Inspiration was something  very difficult for me.

Finally, among all the drawings in my notebook, one of them looked like the Japanese tibors.

Japan is a country that I like a lot, its kimonos, its cherry trees… So I got information and I continued on that topic.

In total I made 60 pieces for each design, and the cover, and  researching on the fabric and the cuts, I was creating both pieces.

I decided decorating them with origami.

It took me several days. The origamis were made with “tarlatana” fabric.

The designs were so big that I decided to wear them on two tall boys.

The chosen models  were 1.91m tall.

The Japanese tibors have some covers. I added some hats to my designs.

When I had my haircut I saved a lock of hair and I decided to added it to the hats.

Finally, I made sandals with cotton canvas and the sole covered with string.

I´m very  happy and proud of my projects.

Now I really want to see  this year projects finished, and to be able to  write about them too.






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